Like an artist needs his/her brush, cricketer the bat, for bakers their tools are equally precious. And why not, it is using these tools that they create the magic we so love and crave.

But as a beginner baker, you do not need every equipment in the book. Yup, rather than spending thousands of rupees on getting the latest stand mixer, ovens, etc. you can kick-start your journey into baking with tools you have in the kitchen.

And in this article, we list some of those important tools.


You do not have to be a baker to have an oven in a household. If you love baked or roasted chicken or veggies or love to bake food as it is healthier then I am sure you already own an oven. But if you do not, to get started a medium-sized, budgeted oven should do the trick.

An oven that can fit in a 9″ pizza should be a good start. This size is ample for a family of 4-5 and you won’t fall short even there are a few other guests.

Few tips to buy the right oven


Kitchen Scale

If you read articles on baking online, you will see that experts refer to it as an exact science. This is because when it comes to measurement of ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, etc. there is simply no messing around. And to get those measurements right you need measuring spoons, cups, and a digital kitchen scale.

Digital scales are far more accurate and so compact it would fit into any drawer once you are done using it. Also, make sure you refer to a conversion table in case you are looking to convert cups to grams and that your cups and spoons display measurements clearly.

Hand Mixer

Hand mixer for beginners

Just because a stand mixer will cost you around 35K to 50K does not mean you have to sit there mixing batter and using your hand. Since you are just a beginner and baking in small quantities, a hand mixer should be equally helpful.

Plus, a hand mixer costs anywhere between Rs. 900 to Rs. 3500 (almost 10 times lesser than a stand mixer). Once you build on your skills and start to bake cookies and puff pastries then it is time to upgrade and get a stand mixer as it will make kneading easier.

Cooling Racks

If you thought that cooling the cake after baking isn’t that important you are about to make a huge mistake. A mistake that will ensure your frosting never sticks on to the cake or cupcake and that it turns into a sloppy mess.

Yes, we know you are in a hurry and your best bet is a cooling rack. Cooling racks are pretty cheap and if you are mum or grandma loved to bake, it is likely your kitchen already has something similar.

Cooling racks for baking

Turntable and Piping Bags

Talking about icing, two things that are must are turntable and piping bags (obviously). With a piping bag and nozzles, you will be able to create roses or other shapes with the cream giving the cake a more attractive finish. Furthermore, a turntable makes it easy to frost each and every corner of the cake