Baking Tools That Every Beginner Must Have

Like an artist needs his/her brush, cricketer the bat, for bakers their tools are equally precious. And why not, it is using these tools that they create the magic we so love and crave.

But as a beginner baker, you do not need every equipment in the book. Yup, rather than spending thousands of rupees on getting the latest stand mixer, ovens, etc. you can kick-start your journey into baking with tools you have in the kitchen.

And in this article, we list some of those important tools.


You do not have to be a baker to have an oven in a household. If you love baked or roasted chicken or veggies or love to bake food as it is healthier then I am sure you already own an oven. But if you do not, to get started a medium-sized, budgeted oven should do the trick.

An oven that can fit in a 9″ pizza should be a good start. This size is ample for a family of 4-5 and you won’t fall short even there are a few other guests.

Few tips to buy the right oven


Kitchen Scale

If you read articles on baking online, you will see that experts refer to it as an exact science. This is because when it comes to measurement of ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, etc. there is simply no messing around. And to get those measurements right you need measuring spoons, cups, and a digital kitchen scale.

Digital scales are far more accurate and so compact it would fit into any drawer once you are done using it. Also, make sure you refer to a conversion table in case you are looking to convert cups to grams and that your cups and spoons display measurements clearly.

Hand Mixer

Hand mixer for beginners

Just because a stand mixer will cost you around 35K to 50K does not mean you have to sit there mixing batter and using your hand. Since you are just a beginner and baking in small quantities, a hand mixer should be equally helpful.

Plus, a hand mixer costs anywhere between Rs. 900 to Rs. 3500 (almost 10 times lesser than a stand mixer). Once you build on your skills and start to bake cookies and puff pastries then it is time to upgrade and get a stand mixer as it will make kneading easier.

Cooling Racks

If you thought that cooling the cake after baking isn’t that important you are about to make a huge mistake. A mistake that will ensure your frosting never sticks on to the cake or cupcake and that it turns into a sloppy mess.

Yes, we know you are in a hurry and your best bet is a cooling rack. Cooling racks are pretty cheap and if you are mum or grandma loved to bake, it is likely your kitchen already has something similar.

Cooling racks for baking

Turntable and Piping Bags

Talking about icing, two things that are must are turntable and piping bags (obviously). With a piping bag and nozzles, you will be able to create roses or other shapes with the cream giving the cake a more attractive finish. Furthermore, a turntable makes it easy to frost each and every corner of the cake

4 Tips to Start a Home Bakery in India

Unable to start your own bakery as you do not have the required experience or capital? Well, the next best thing is going to be a home bakery. And hey, why not.

After all, starting a home bakery costs almost half (if not less) than a bakery, is easier to manage and run (a person can do it all by himself/herself) and easier to promote, market as well.

But that does not mean it is a walk in the park either. This is why we covered the 4 most important things to keep in mind when planning to run a home bakery.

Tips to Start a Home Bakery in India

How to start a home baking business

Tip 1: Find the right Training School

Whether you open a bakery or home baking business if there is one thing there is no compromising with it is the flavor and if you want to bake professional-grade cupcakes and cakes then you can only trust the best baking courses in Delhi.

At these baking schools, you will learn a ton of stuff which includes macarons, bread (even European bread), pastries, tiered cakes, 3D cakes and so on giving you a plethora of skills to serve the market.

Furthermore, you become a certified baker and get in-depth knowledge on how to store baked items, price them, market them, etc.

Tip 2: Manage the cost well

As I told you above, starting a home bakery is cheaper. This is mainly because most often, you can start a home business with the oven and equipment you already have at home. Furthermore, you do not have to spend big on location either or major licenses.

The only real expense will be of the raw materials and marketing. Raw materials should cost you about 10-15k whereas another 25K for marketing should be ample to kick-start.

You can save another 10k to 15k for miscellaneous expenses which involve deliveries, any help you might have to hire and so on.

Tip 3: Make a plan

Whether you launch a bakery, a home business, a hotel or a marketing agency, the key to the success of any business lies in the plans.

After all, it is the blueprint of your entire business so whether it takes a day, 10 days or a month+, make sure you give it ample time and thought, even get professional help if needed. Having a plan makes it easier to get a loan if needed, shows the exact cost and helps prioritize the tasks at hand.

Some planning tips to help you along the way


Tip 4: Pick the right name and logo

The name and logo of your business are going to be the business’s identity and thus you need to choose them wisely. Now, you can go for a name that is humorous but the ultimate goal should be to keep it simple.

That is because it makes it easier for the customers to remember and find your social media pages. When it comes to the logo, get a design that stands out but more importantly, tells your customers exactly what your business is all about.

Do your bit of research and take ideas from what is already working in the market. You can even involve your current followers, friends, and family into the process in case you are running out of ideas.

4 Female Food Bloggers That Are Just the Inspiration You Need

C’mon, we have all been there sitting on your office desk wondering if this is something we really wanted to do. But leaving doesn’t seem like an option either, right? I mean can you turn your passion for baking and blogging into serious money?

And if not, where would you go back from there? Well, in moments of doubts, we all need some source of inspiration and today we’ll give you just that.

Here are the stories of 4 women who actually quit their desk jobs, pursued their passion and made it big (it is all the Monday Motivation you will ever need).

1. Devaki Sonawala – 100RecipePromise

When you are born in Pune to a Maharashtrian family and spend most of your childhood in Kerala living next to Gujurati neighbors, you are bound to be exposed to the cuisine of multiple cultures and Devaki made the most of it.

Furthermore, she also spent a lot of her time watching cooking shows to gain knowledge. It was after the birth of her first child that she decided to write and what first started as a book on 100 family recipes turned into a blog in 2016. Oh, and since her husband was a digital marketer she had all the help needed.

Also, unlike others, she did not visit any baking or cooking schools. From cooking to clicking photos, she is self-taught and relied on YouTube videos.

2. Mukulika Sengupta – A Pigeon n a Pie

Currently living in Mumbai, Mukulika has traveled all over the country (guess that is one of the perks of marrying an army officer). After leaving her job as a teacher she started freelancing as a content writer which paved the way for blogging.

Her food was already well-appreciated by her family and friends and it was all the encouragement she needed. On her blog, you will find only recipes she has developed herself.

Though unlike Devaki, Mukulika has attending baking classes to develop her skills and if you want to get expert help, here some of the top baking courses in Delhi (this is a must-read).

3. Pooja Mohanty – Food without Borders

being born to a civil servant, even Pooja is well-traveled and using the diversity to her advantage. Lawyer by profession and perfectionist by nature, Pooja’s journey into the world of food blogging started in the year 2016.

Unlike some of the other, Pooja hasn’t completely given up her profession and strives to maintain a balance between blogging and being a lawyer. If you happen to like her blog, you are going to love her YouTube channel where you can check out each recipe in depth (her paleo banana bread recipe is one to die for).

4. Tina Basu – Twinkling Tina Cooks

There is no hiding, Bengali’s are born foodies and after working with FMCG brands for almost 8 years Tina made her entry into blogging in 2011. While the blog was only meant to be an online journal or food diary, her passion for baking turned it into a full-time career.

But while she’s a top-notch baker, on her blog you can also find yummy soups, breakfast recipes, salads, and main courses. She is also into brand development and graphics designing (a one-woman army I guess)