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Haryana government recently launched Police Durga Shakti App, can someone provide me the Download link and what features this application provides. Thank you sir great initiatives taken by CM Manohar lal khattar

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Haryana Police Durga Shakti App Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.durgashakti.women&hl=en_IN

Women will get access to single click assistance in emergency conditions. Through this app of Haryana Police, women helpline dept. would become able to detect the name, address and location of the women in distress.Women can make Durga Shakti App registration and in case of need, whenever women presses the “Alert” button on the App, the Woman Helpline unit of the district Police will know the location and relevant details of the victim woman / girl. After making complaints through Durga Shakti App, the concerned police or women cell dept will immediately respond on the basis of situation.

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