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I want to start Khadi Business please give me some details about Khadi Gramodyog Vikas Yojana (KGVY) / Rozgar Yukt Gaon (RYG)

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Rozgar Yukt Gaon (RYG) scheme is going to launch to provide an enterprise led business model. RYG Yojana 2019-20 is going to replace the existing subsidy led model. Under the new Khadi Gramodyog Vikas Yojana (KGVY), central govt. approves 2 umbrella schemes namely Khadi Vikas Yojana & Gramodyog Vikas Yojana to merge 8 different schemes of Khadi and Village Industries.

Another major step is to setup 4 design houses across the country to capture regional variations, to provide access to Khadi Institutions, to evolve modern designs, ethnic wear etc. with an investment of Rs. 5 crore each.

Khadi Gramodyog Vikas Yojana (KGVY) to Continue
Central govt. has approved to continue Khadi Gramodyog Vikas Yojana (KGVY) from 2017-18 to 2019-20 and given approval to the following:

  • To continue existing schemes of MPDA, Khadi Grant, ISEC and Village Industry Grant and now all these schemes are subsumed under a single Khadi and Gramodyog Vikas Yojana. The total cost for the successful implementation of this scheme is Rs. 2800 crore for the period of 2017-18 to 2019-20.
  • New Khadi Vikas Yojana 2019-20 is going to include the scheme namely Market Promotion & Development Assistance (MPDA), Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certificate (ISEC), Workshed Scheme for Khadi Aritsans, Strengthening Weak Infrastructure of Khadi Insitutions and assistance for marketing infrastructure, Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana, Khadi Grant, and Khadi & Village Industries S&T.
  • The Gramodyog Vikas Yojana is going to include scheme namely Village Industries Grant.
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