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how much compensation Tamil Nadu govt will give in case of women victim under Tamil Nadu Victim Compensation Scheme for Women Survivors in Crimes

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The state govt. of Tamilnadu has notified the Victim Compensation Scheme 2018 for women victims / survivors of sexual assault / other crimes.TN Victim Compensation scheme 2018 would cover offences registered under Sections 326A (acid attack), 354A to 354D (sexual harassment), 376A to 376E (sexual intercourse with wife during separation and allied offences), 304B (dowry death) and 498A (cruelty to wife) of the Indian Penal Code.

Tamil Nadu Victim Compensation Scheme 2018

As per the notified Victim Compensation Scheme, the following amount would be given to the victims:-

  • Each rape survivor will get a minimum compensation amount equals to Rs. 4 lakh. In case the rape victim women has lost her life, maximum compensation amount to the dependent of rape victim could be Rs. 7 lakh.
  • Each survivor of gang rape would receive compensation amount of Rs. 5 lakh. The maximum compensation amount that could be granted in case of loss of life as well as gang rape could be Rs. 10 lakh.
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